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Academic standards are high at Carrdus. Our children rapidly develop strong skills in Reading, Writing and Maths, enabling them to access the breadth and depth of our curriculum with ease.

We pride ourselves on teaching that supports, challenges and extends every child, enabling them to do their best and make outstanding progress.

From the nursery upwards, children are taught by class teachers enhanced by specialists in music, art, drama, sport, modern foreign languages, computing and learning support. Our small classes ensure an individual approach to every child. Our staff are passionate about their work; they have the time and enthusiasm to give each child the individual attention and encouragement they need.


In May 2019 Carrdus School was graded ‘Excellent in all areas’ in the Independent Schools Inspectorate Integrated Inspection. An extract from the report read: “The quality of pupils’ academic and other achievements is excellent. In the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), pupils make rapid progress from their starting points; the vast majority reach the expected levels of development for their age and many exceed them. Pupils continue to make excellent progress throughout the school because of the challenge and support they receive from teachers.


You can read the full report here: Carrdus School ISI Report 2019

My daughter in Year 6 has flourished, managing to pass her 11+ into two academic secondary schools. It has been truly amazing to see what a different child she is academically and through sport, art and the learning support department, she has grown in confidence and independence. I have no doubt Carrdus has given her the tools to do extremely well at her future school. 

Carrdus Parent - Year 6

Our son has settled into Carrdus life very well and we have been very impressed with how he has developed academically, particularly with his numbers and phonics and we have lots of fun reading together. We feel the approach to learning, with the emphasis on outdoors and the individual, has helped him make great progress.

Carrdus Parent - Nursery

My son has thrived academically – the lessons sound like so much fun, from Pirate adventures to learning about the Circus. His reading, writing and maths have all progressed further than I would have expected, and I believe that this is because he is genuinely beginning to love learning.

Carrdus Parent - Year 2

Our daughter’s reading and writing has come on leaps and bounds, as has her enjoyment of them and her creativity has been nurtured and encouraged. She has settled into life at Carrdus extremely well and in no time at all.  She skips in happily every day and says that the teachers are lovely, everyone is very friendly and the lunches are delicious!

Carrdus Parent - Year 1