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Carrdus Pathway

The Carrdus Pathway is a holistic approach to the development of each child’s individual character and underpins everything that we teach at Carrdus.

Our aim is to ensure that every child fully engages with their own journey along the Carrdus Pathway, developing strong foundations in the six key life skills of:

  • Confidence
  • Imagination
  • Resilience
  • Independence
  • Aspiration
  • Empathy

This approach helps us to develop confident, imaginative, resilient and independent children. They understand and are sensitive to those they live and work with and we believe that through the Carrdus Pathway, our children are then able to take ownership of their own learning. They leave Carrdus thriving from a culture of discussion, lively debate, creativity and self-awareness all achieved through embracing a love of learning and a spirit of fun and adventure. We make the most of our 11-acre site to enable outdoor learning.

I feel that Carrdus has met my son’s needs, both academically and in developing his confidence and resilience. He is happy going into school, feels safe and cared for and knows that he is going to have fun – with all this in place, his confidence with learning has increased which has resulted in brilliant progress.

Carrdus Parent - Year 2

We’ve found that our daughter’s independent learning and curious nature has been well served by the school meaning that we very rarely need to help her with her work. She works to a high standard, is always fully engaged in what she is doing and enjoys whatever it is she is set. I think it is the combination of the teaching, the Carrdus Pathway and the way that the curriculum is followed within this environment that makes the difference.

Carrdus Parent - Year 4

It’s the Carrdus Pathway approach that helps the children build confidence, resilience and independence as well as the calm, caring environment that allows your child to grow. All the staff are very approachable; it is easy to deal with a problem however large or small. Our daughter is a true Carrdus girl, always smiling and ready to get stuck into anything thrown at her.

Carrdus Pathway - Year 6

We were looking for a nurturing and friendly school that was focused both on academic development as well as on all aspects of a child’s personal development. The Carrdus Pathway really resonated with us, as well as the school’s emphasis placed on seeing each child as an individual and not just a pupil. We are constantly amazed at the difference we’ve seen in our child over the past 2 years regarding her confidence, willingness to have a go and try new things and her wonderful curiosity in all aspects of her life and environment. 

Carrdus Parent - Reception